‘A quality finish, which is second to none’

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Lain, Heather and the team in relation to two large house builds in a rather challenging rural environment. We are currently working with the High Country Carpentry team on planning for another build.

From start to finish we had open and honest communication; full clarity around costs and pricing. Lain’s knowledge of building forms and the building code helped immensely when working through ideas and designs with our architect.

The High Country Carpentry team have a quality finish which is second to none and ensures the sub-trades that they work with exhibit these high standards. Options, ideas and efficiencies are all highlighted throughout the build process to gather you the best product, to maximise the view, bring in more sunlight or deliver a more cost-efficient build process.

Heather does a fantastic job of presenting clear concise information in relation to build stages and invoicing for projects that can come in on budget.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lain, Heather and the team at High Country Carpentry for your next build or renovation project.”

Nicole Lang

‘An expert team of building professionals’

“We are very pleased we chose High Country Carpentry. From our first meeting with Lain Hellmrich we have been impressed with his genuine interest and enthusiasm for our new build. He made the time to visit us on site and was keen to hear our initial ideas for our new house. He visualised what we wanted and had constructive suggestions and sensible ideas to contribute.

His initial costings were accurate which was very important for us to be able to continue with our planning and design process. Getting the building contract in place and signed off was a major step and it went smoothly with no glitches. Our payment of the regular invoices as the build progressed was seamless as a result of the clever and easily understood accounting system used by High Country Carpentry.

All our numerous questions and concerns have been answered quickly and reassurance given, even the little things have never been too small for a prompt answer.

High Country Carpentry has an expert team of building professionals who have worked hard each day with great results. One of the things we specifically required was a quick build with builders and sub-contractors on-site at all times to minimise the total build time. We did not want days or even weeks going by with no progress on-site.

High Country Carpentry reassured us at contract signing stage that they would meet this requirement and they have been as good as their word. The Site Foreman was in good control of the whole build, including all the sub-contractors and site visitors. We felt very confident leaving him to keep our build and the site secure during the building process.

The High Country Carpentry Office Manager kept in regular contact and had a genuine interest in progress. The accounts were regular and well described and the running inventory was a great help to us.

Overall it has been an exciting experience and to have been guided through it all by a great team of people has certainly made it memorable.”

Geoff & Jacquie O’Brien

‘We are extremely pleased and proud of our new house’

“We have recently employed High Country Carpentry for our house build at Lake Tekapo. We chose High Country Carpentry, based on their reputation for building award winning homes. We believed their excellent reputation, top quality workmanship and results to date, would give us a far superior build and a better result in the long run than choosing the lower priced builders.

Thankfully, we chose High Country Carpentry, as early on in the construction, our build was halted with a significant design problem due to the independent company we employed to design our house. Despite this stressful situation for us, Lain was quickly able to work with local structural engineers, the design company, council, steel fabricators and another local architect to co-ordinate the additional design work needed to ensure the build was able to continue as quickly as possible.

It was Lain’s peace-keeping skills and excellent working relationships with these local companies that ensured that our project was able to be prioritised alongside their busy schedules. Had we not employed High Country Carpentry, it is quite possible our part built house may still be sitting uncompleted to date. Thankfully we chose High Country Carpentry and they were able to get our build back on track with the extra design and structural work needed.

We are extremely pleased and proud of our new house. The quality of workmanship is of a very high standard. It is a credit to everyone involved in the dedicated High Country Carpentry team. We would highly recommend High Country Carpentry and would have no hesitation in building with them again in the future.”

Debbie Pilcher and Geoff Rogers

‘Their standard of workmanship is excellent’

“We engaged High Country Carpentry to build our residence in Rankin Rise, Lake Tekapo. Their reputation is excellent and they win awards annually in the very competitive construction industry with good reason. As the company principal Lain inspires, coaches and encourages his staff and this is reflected in their enthusiasm and passion for their work, which shines through on every level, from the build to the respect with which they treat
their clients and the end result is that their standard of workmanship is excellent.

As a time-challenged owner of two small businesses it was a pleasure to work with a pragmatic individual who is approachable, flexible, open to discussion and willing to discuss or veto ideas as situation arose. Prior to and since completion of our project we heard a number of anecdotes from people about their fractious relationships with their builder for their renovation or build, including a lovely lady in the middle of our own subdivision who has been trying to get her permit to occupy for 12 months because her bargain building company used apprentice (unlicensed) plumbers.

We recommend Lain and the team at High Country Carpentry with complete confidence if you are looking for a stress free project with a high standard of integrity and workmanship, we would contract High Country Carpentry again if we were to rebuild in the future.”

Ann-Maree Grant

‘The result is far in excess of what we could ever have envisaged’

“Our decision to build at Lake Tekapo commenced with a passion and genuine love of the area after 29 years of family holidays in a 1970’s ‘Lockwood’ family bach. We spoke to various locals to get advice and ideas of who was building ‘stress free’ (if there is such a thing) homes in Tekapo and after meeting and discussing our ideas with a number of builders, we decided to partner with Lain and Heather Hellmrich from High Country Carpentry to build our home.

Throughout this, our biggest challenge was, how were we best going to maximise our section for views, sun and wind protection? I had a plan in my head which was a morphed combination of various show homes and designs we had seen and studied over the years. Lain was able to harness these ideas and with the help of a fantastic architect, present to us a dream layout that had captured all our needs and aspirations.

There was a concern around how we were going to manage a build 338 kilometres away and I think we were able to establish early on that I was probably going be the fussiest client Lain would take on in his entire career!! Basically, I needed quality communication and a quality job. In hindsight, I needn’t have worried as our build was incredibly seamless and it was an absolute pleasure to have been a part of!

As with every building project, there are always going to be challenges, whether with expenses, building completion dates and various other demands on both parties. I am happy to say that at all times, Helen and I were able to work through these challenges, finding solutions that were a ‘win win’ for both the builder and the client.

From a workmanship perspective, Lain and his team cannot be faulted and Helen and I are delighted with the finished product. During the build, our worksite was always tidy, well organised and impeccably presented. This was reflected in the passion and professionalism that the High Country team demonstrated throughout our build.

We are thrilled to have selected Lain, Heather and the High Country team to build our dream holiday/retirement home and the end result is far in excess of what we could ever have envisaged back at the commencement of the project.
The entire experience was an absolute pleasure.”

Helen and Phil Lemon