Log Homes

At High Country Carpentry we specialise in many unique areas. One of our our passions is Log Homes.

All Log Home companies generally only provide the log shell to your site. We take this log shell and turn it into a fully finished home for you.

Our job is to project manage the process from start to finish for you taking the pain out of building. Our team of passionate carpenters will work tirelessly on every detail until we hand you your keys.

We provide you with a quote or an estimate depending on your project. We work closely with the Log Home company to prepare the foundations and floor, then work on the assembly with them on site. We arrange and manage all of the remaining materials and sub contractors, and work with them as a team until completion.

Once the shell has been re assembled on site, the hard work for us begins. First off is the roof. Getting the roof on the log shell as quickly as possible is key. In many cases we have contracted to other building companies all over the South Island to help them with this stage.

As soon as the roof is on we will have your windows and doors installed and the outer cladding finished where required. This is a great opportunity to oil any high logs as we will have the scaffolding in place for a few weeks.

Once the out side is finished the internal work gets underway. There are many areas of log homes that can catch the inexperienced builder out. Lain has worked on many log home projects with Graham Mould from Natural Log Homes from Geraldine, and one recently with Pioneer Log Homes from Canada. You can be rest assured he has learnt the finishings stages from the most experience guys possible.

Lain’s main passion in the building trade is Carpentry and working with timber. This is a crucial element. Your builder must understand the art of Carpentry. Your builder must understand the fundamentals of how a Log Home moves over time.

And your builder must understand how to run a tight ship with a team full of competent sub trades. Knowing High Country Carpentry tick all these boxes is an important part of you enjoying the building process as you move through it, and to have an end product that functions as it should for many years to come.

When it comes to building there is no substitute for experience. When it come to Log Homes experience is a necessity.

Contact us to discuss your project and start your dream off on the right path.