Building for the Climate and Environment

The climate and environment plays a huge part in any project we undertake. The South Island of New Zealand is subject to weather extremes that can challenge some wider used materials and building principals.

In the Mackenzie District alone we are surrounded by glacier-fed lakes, ski fields and national parks. The climate is largely a dry temperate-continental one – with clear, crisp snowy winters and long, hot summers. Our autumn is world famous for being a riot of colour, while spring sees wild flowers blooming.

Our warmer summer season is from November to February, with temperatures often rising above 30 degrees. In the cooler winter season, from June to September temperatures drop to below 0 degrees Celsius overnight, while on sunny winter days we see an average of around 8 degrees and regular snowfall.

Accounting for the variety of weather conditions, and relative lack of services due to our remoteness, building projects require great skill and dedication to ensure they maintain their integrity and blend with our environment.

Without exception, High Country Carpentry are the leading specialists in high country building projects.

Living, breathing and playing in the same environment as its customers, the company understands the conditions and is not shy of being accountable to construct a legacy of homes and building projects that it can proudly stand by in the years to come.